About Me

Hi! I’m Sarah. I am mother to seven children. My oldest child is in his mid 20’s and my youngest is 6. Yes, I am parenting all seasons at the same time and yes, sometimes it is crazy! I am a California girl at heart who is settling into life as a Texan. I am a lover of coffee, Jesus, my kids, books, words and music. Not necessarily in that order.

In my 25 years of mothering I have been a young mom, a middle aged mom and am now probably considered one of the older Mamas in the crowd. I have been a single mom, a married mom and a divorced mom.  I have experienced becoming a mother by giving birth naturally and by C-Section. I have also had the gift of becoming a mother through foster care adoption. I have bottle fed and breast fed. I have been a full time working mother and have been a full time stay at home parent.

I am a busy mom with five children still at home, juggling it all and trying to carving out time to use my words to encourage and give hope to all mothers. Chances are I have been there too.



One thought on “About Me

  1. I waited for so long to do exactly this! Reply to your blog article! You have a gift from God when it comes to words and people! You bless people all the time with your discernment, your wisdom and your discernment that always seem to be perfect for whatever is happening! I love that you always point me to Jesus! I have known for so long that the Lord called you to do this; so very proud that you are answering
    His call for your life! Love what you are creating in your life! I love you more than words could ever say!!!


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